Co-operative values and principles - Lincolnshire Co-operative Development Agency
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Co-operative values and principles


Seven  Co-operative Principles

  1. Voluntary and open membership.

No-one has to join a co-operative, but anyone appropriately qualified may do so

  1. Democratic member control.

All Co-operative members have an equal say and those running the co-operative are responsible to them and should encourage members to be involved.

  1. Member economic participation.

Members have a financial relationship with the co-operative eg as customers, employees, suppliers or investors.

  1. Autonomy and independence.

Co-operatives are independent of any sort of control outside of their membership.

  1. Education, training and information.

Co-operatives believe in the value of education for members, stakeholders and the general public.

  1. Co-operation among co-operatives.

Co-operatives value working with other co-operatives who share any part of their aims.

  1. Concern for community.

Co-operatives believe that they should make a contribution to the quality of life of the communities in which their members live.